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Magical 3-Ingredient DIY Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging Face Oil

Magical 3-Ingredient DIY Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging Face Oil

I know, you have probably seen this kind of title a lot, but I promise you that this DIY is 100% worth the try because IT. JUST. WORKS.  You are going to see results, quite literally, overnight.  I have been using this concoction for a couple of years now and I seriously can't imagine living without it!  Plus, it is by far the EASIEST and simplest of all of my DIY self care recipes, so it is the perfect one for my DIY recipe debut!  

First off, I know I have a big question to answer because this is what EVERYONE always says to me when I tell them I only use face oil instead of soap on my skin: Why would one ever want to put oil on your skin?  So many of us grow up with the notion that oil *causes* acne, so we scrub our faces with soap instead.  Really though, who has this actually worked for?  Anyone?  If you use the right kind of oil, it will heal your skin and unclog your pores, and it will balance your oil production (soap strips the natural oil from your skin, so your skin has to go into overproduction mode, which then causes acne flare ups) AND it balances the Ph/acidity of your skin.  Personally, I don't let soap EVER touch my face, and ever since I swore off face soap I rarely get pimples.

The magical ingredient in my face oil is HempSEED oil (not hemp oil).  Just google "hempseed oil skin" and you don't need me to convince you of anything.  This viscous, green, nutty oil is just heaven for the skin.  It plumps up my skin and softens it to the touch, it cleans out my pores with its antibacterial and antifungal properties, and it provides my skin a nice glow.  On top of all of this, it is loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids so you know it is doing good things to ward off sun damage and the onset of wrinkles, too.  The only downside to hempseed oil is that it has a strong and nutty smell, but this is nothing that a bit of lavender essential oil can't fix!

I add a bit of Jojoba oil to the mix because before I used hempseed oil, I was using jojoba for my face with decent results.  It is a waxy oil that most closely resembles the natural sebum of skin, so it limits the overproduction of sebum and clears out clogged pores.  During a soapmaking mishap a couple of years ago, I wound up with a mixed up jar full of 75% hempseed oil and 25% jojoba oil- so in order to not waste the mixed oils (sustainability FTW!), I decided to just use it as my face oil, and much to my delight I found my face to be the softest and clearest it had ever EVER been.  I then throw in some of my favorite lavender essential oil for a pleasant aroma (also, perfect for my bedtime routine!) and I have my tried and true face oil that I seriously cannot go a day without.  (Lavender essential oil is also antimicrobial and antifungal, so this may provide some additional benefits as well!)

So enough of my blabbering and here is the breakdown:

  • Small glass bottle with screw on dropper (I recommend a brown glass dropper bottle, you can buy these in packs on amazon)
  • Hempseed Oil
  • Jojoba Oil (optional)
  • Lavender essential oil (optional)

I really just eyeball these measurements according to whatever bottle I am using:

  1. Fill the bottle about 70-75% of the way with the Hempseed oil
  2. Fill the bottle about 20% more with Jojoba oil
  3. Add the desired amount of drops of Lavender essential oil (I will put at least a half dropper full; you can use any essential oil you want or none at all.  Lavender is great and adds a calming effect for bedtime, some tea tree or eucalyptus could be great for a morning boost of energy) 
  4. Be careful, if you fill the bottle too much to the top it will spill over when placing the dropper back into the bottle

To apply: Wash your face with water and pat it dry with a clean towel.  Siphon out a dropper full of the face oil into the palm of your hands and massage all over your face.


I promise you, as long as you get some good quality oils (some can be questionable these days) this face oil will be a game-changer.  It also makes for great gifts, so if you buy a big pack of those glass dropper bottles on amazon you can put them all to good use! 

Stay tuned or subscribe for more blog posts with amazing and simple DIY creations, and more of my clear skin recommendations!  

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