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Coconut Oil: How to use it on your Skin and Hair without the Greasy Mess!

Coconut Oil: How to use it on your Skin and Hair without the Greasy Mess!

You don't need me to tell you why coconut oil is super good for your hair an skin, but you are probably like me where you decided to slather it on your skin and hair like everyone on the interwebs tells you to do, only to find yourself in an oily mess that you can't seem to get out of!  With this blog post, I am here to tell you how to best use coconut oil without the greasy aftermath.

For Skin

To piggy back on my last blog post about my skin-clearing face oil, I use coconut oil much like 'soap' to keep my body clean.  Soap of any kind has a high Ph which is actually quite damaging to the skin, where coconut oil is very gentle, cleansing with its antibacterial and antifungal properties, and promotes skin health overall with a Ph similar to that of your natural skin.  I will use soap on occasion, particularly after having applied sunscreen earlier in the day, but mainly I use coconut oil as my 'body wash'.  What I find to work best for me (and for my clothes and furniture) is applying coconut oil to my skin while in the shower to all parts of my body, and then rinsing off.  I towel off as normal as well and I still find my skin to feel well moisturized and smooth from using the coconut oil, and there is no residue that gets all over the place this way.  (Psst: I have struggled on and off with occurrences of psoriasis all my life in various areas of my body, and while using the coconut oil cleansing method these occurrences have drastically reduced).

I keep a small jar of coconut oil in my shower area to use, and refill it from a larger jar of coconut oil that I keep in my kitchen cabinet.  I find that if a lot of water gets in the jar and with intense shower heat, the coconut oil is at risk to spoil sooner, so I keep the smaller amounts at the ready in the shower to prevent spoiling my huge bulk sized jar :)

For Hair

And now, for hair.  I did some extra research about what oils are best for your hair and determined that coconut oil seems to be most absorbed by your hair so coconut oil it was.  I apply handfuls of the oil to my long, thin locks (applied to dry hair) and watch as my hair fully absorbs the oil.  I will often sleep with my hair soaking in the oil, or just keep it soaking for an hour or so before showering.  When it is time to wash out, I get in the shower and first I thoroughly and generously apply conditioner to my hair and rinse.  Then I shampoo a bit extra than usual, and thoroughly and generously apply the conditioner once again and rinse.  The conditioner is the secret ingredient to getting all of the oil out, which is great because it just doubles the hydrating and healing power that the oil already is providing!  I 'oil' my hair about once a week, and this keeps it shiny, healthy, soft, and reduces split ends.

For evidence about using coconut oil for hair loss, visit HairLossRevolution

Here is the step by step breakdown:

  1. 1) Apply coconut oil straight to dry hair

  2. 2) Wrap hair in a bun or braid to soak for at least an hour, or sleep overnight with it!

  3. 3) In the shower, thoroughly and generously apply conditioner and rinse

  4. 4) shampoo and rinse

  5. 5) thoroughly apply conditioner again and rinse

And you are done!  No greasy hair to deal with!

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